Best Island Holidays

There are several reasons why an island holiday is going to be the best form of getaway for any vacationer. It might be the wonderful view of the setting sun or the adventurous walks along the seashore that make these types of holidays so breathtaking. You cannot also overlook the possibility of exploring new stuff like volcanoes or some other tropical attraction during these getaways. Even the opportunity of unwinding yourself far away from the hectic city life should be enough to entice you to spend a memorable island holiday. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have highlighted the top 4 islands which you simply cannot ignore while spending your vacation.


This exotic island of Bali will provide vacationers with tranquillity and total peace of mind along with exciting activities such as diving, snorkelling, surfing and so forth. You may also venture inland where you can explore some dormant as well as active volcanoes apart visiting the temples. Paddy fields and palm trees will also mesmerise you while you are in Bali.


Phuket has come into the limelight as a tourist destination since the launch of the blockbuster movie “The Beach”. In short, the scenery and the traditions of this area are simply enticing that has attracted numerous individuals from across the globe. The nightlife on this island is something which will be an experience of your lifetime. Make it a point to explore this Thai island with an excursion by boat (which should consume an entire day) while visiting the famous points of interest such as the Buddhist temples, Muay Thai (the popular Thai boxing) plus the well-known Fantasea show will also be a smart idea.


While you are at Maldives, you will get the opportunity to explore as many as 1000 coral islands which should definitely be a memorable experience. Apart from this, the area can also boast of having a vast network of lagoons, reefs and atolls which have contributed in making Maldives one of the most well-liked island destinations. You will rarely come across the luxury offered by the stilted cabins hovering above the vast Indian Ocean anywhere else on the planet. Relishing a scrumptious dinner under the open sky on a starry night will be something that will be really hard to forget.


Visiting this fascinating island destination will require only a short flight journey from the mainland of South Africa. Over the last few years, Mauritius has gained immense popularity as a popular tourist destination. The sea beaches will provide you with almost everything that you would expect during a great island getaway. On top of this, the hotels and eateries in Mauritius are simply amazing.